This page features the presentations and publications of the VAST project.

Advanced Digitization for the Promotion of the Moral Values Underlying the European Union
Marco Berni, Natacha Fabbri, Elena Fani, Carmen Gagliardi, Sofia Sasopoulou, Electronic imaging & the visual arts: EVA 2021 Florence, Italy, 14 June 2021, p.82-86
2 From Digital to Computational Humanities: The VAST Project Vision
Silvana Castano, Alfio Ferrara, Stefano Montanelli, Francesco Periti, 29th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (SEBD 2021), Pizzo Calabro (VV), Italy, 5-9 September 2021
3 A Computational History Approach to Interpretation and Analysis of Moral European Values: the VAST Research Project
Silvana Castano, Alfio Ferrara, Giulia Giannini, Stefano Montanelli, Francesco Periti, 6th International Workshop on Computational History (HistoInformatics2021) co-located with ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2021 (JCDL 2021), 30 September 2021.