VAST Platform aims to satisfy both the requirements of all target users, and the requirements of VAST pilots’ operation. All three pilots share the same structure and involve the same set of target users (Scholars, Value communicators, General audience). Each pilot starts with a “past of values” part, involving mainly scholars. Through the VAST platform scholars search ingested data sources to locate digital assets (such as texts of Greek tragedies, 17th century Scientific Revolution texts, and European folktales), to be collectively and collaboratively studied by VAST’s multi-disciplinary team of scholars.

Embodied values in the studied assets will be semantically annotated through the VAST platform asset annotation services. These annotations will consolidate studied assets and assimilate them into VAST’s semantic knowledge graph, managed and stored by the VAST platform. Consolidated assets will map how values have been transformed over time and space, enabling the comprehensive understanding of value evolution through evidence-based analysis.

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