What can VAST offer to a scholar…

VAST annotation methodology for narratives and images, as well as VAST annotation tool help professional scholars, who want to study the values of CH artefacts, by avoiding long training periods to expert vocabularies and by enabling easier collaboration among colleagues and direct diffusion of the knowledge to the society (VAST platform/CH artefacts).


What is a scholar’s workflow for narratives and image annotation in VAST?

Follow VAST’s annotation methodology, for narratives or images, to annotate your artefacts with values. Use the VAST annotation tool to help you speed-up your work and collaborate with your colleagues.

What to expect in the annotation tool?

The VAST annotation tool, allows you to annotate documents, images, video and audio files, to inspect the annotated sources, compare them to those of colleagues, as well as run analytics.

Watch this video to learn more details about the annotation tool!

Which Cultural Heritage Artefacts have already been studied for values?

You can browse through the Cultural Heritage Artefacts section of the VAST platform to learn more by searching…

… for artefacts or
… for values

You can also download the collections and inspect each annotation!