The Fairy Tale Museum (FTM), the VAST partner located in Cyprus, offers youngsters and adults an interactive journey in the world of culture and tradition through fairy tales, myths and legends. FTM aims at preserving, promoting and disseminating cultural heritage that includes fairy tales, folklore tales, myths and traditions from Cyprus and Greece, fostering the universality of fairy tales, familiarising with other cultures through their fairy tales and enhancing the love for reading. The Museum offers educational programmes and workshops for schools, families and children and organises themed exhibitions, storytelling events and featured events for authors and illustrators.

Mrs Vicky Balomenou is leading the FTM team in the VAST project, which will principally act as one of the pilot partners undertaking the responsibility for the collection, digitisation and analysis of the experiences of the museum’s visitors through the educational programme which will be developed and will run at the Museum. The predominant goal of the educational programme is to allow the consortium to assess, through self-reported questionnaires and interviews, the understanding of the visitors on the different values (e.g., democracy, equality, justice, friendship) presented in the stories of the programme and also to understand the visitors’ views on how these values are transmuted into their daily life on a personal and societal level. For the purposes of the educational programme pilot, the Museum will engage a wide range of visitors aiming at achieving a demographically represented sample of parents, students and the general public. In order for the educational programme to run smoothly and successfully in all pilot partners, FTM will lead the training of all the piloting organisations’ personnel covering various aspects, such as their familiarisation with the tools of the project along with the guidelines for distributing, collecting and transcribing questionnaires for the visitors. The partner is involved in these work packages: WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7.