Dr. Marco Berni, manager of European and special projects at partner Museo Galileo, presented the VAST project at the CHARTER Alliance Tuscany Regional Workshop which was held in Florence, Italy on 1-2 December 2022.

More specifically, Dr. Berni participated in the round table discussion on the first day, which focused on cultural heritage, digital and green skills as well as on the needs, methods, and tools for innovation, education, jobs, and growth.

A workshop amongst experts was also realised which concluded with site visits to Museo Galileo, to Cantiere Scuola at Opera del Duomo di Firenze, and to CER – Centro Europeo del Restauro Scuola Edile di Firenze. During the visit to the Galileo Museum Dr. Berni presented a digitalised version of Fra Mauro’s world map with interactive features: https://mostre.museogalileo.it/framauro/en.

A few words about the CHARTER Alliance Tuscany Regional Workshop

The workshop was realised under the theme “Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage: Skills Needs & Challenges” following the discussions held in Rome. The aim of the workshop was to provide the project with a snapshot of the Tuscan cultural heritage ecosystem and to bring together key stakeholders to start a reflection on the challenges and opportunities provided by the twin transition to the skills in cultural heritage.