The video from the webinar is available to watch here.

How are (moral) values communicated nowadays and what should be our role as educators/museum curators to communicate them?

Webinar info: VAST project envisions to study the dissemination of the (moral) values (such as freedom, democracy, equality, tolerance, dialogue, human dignity, the rule of law) in space and time through the use of digitized materials and intangible cultural artifacts as well as to explore the communication, reception and perception of these values in the modern era. For the purposes of this research, three pilots have been described concerning: 1. the theatre/ancient drama, 2. the scientific texts of the 17th century, 3. the fairy tales. This webinar aims to present the VAST educational materials designed focusing in the educational methodology and approach followed. According to the Council of Europe and the principles of democratic citizenship and human rights education, the educational process must, beyond imparting knowledge, aim at highlighting values, as well as cultivating attitudes and skills aimed at raising awareness and to motivate young people for further thought and reflection. The VAST Handbook includes values oriented educational activities designed by the three partners of the Consortium (NCSR-D, Museo Galileo and Fairy Tale Museum) based on the principles of experiential learning and an interactive teaching approach, where the active participation of young people is encouraged through dialogue and practice.