The video from the webinar is available to watch here. 

Webinar info: Why is it that children don’t listen to us? How can we handle sibling rivalry? How do we talk about the phenomenon of violence, the value of self-respect and respect for others, success and failure, courage and kindness, friendship, diversity, and all these qualities that children need to develop in their lifetime during complex and chaotic times? Using myths and fairy tales, as a tool, we can influence behaviours and beliefs so that children can become more functional. Through the realms of the imagination, children can approach and process their own personal stories through the experiences of their favorite heroes. They can find the space, the time, and, most importantly, the freedom to discover through their own adventure the hero, the traveller, the wise one… to develop themselves and find their way to deal with arising problems and discover their solution… to find their way to living better, just as they do in fairy tales!