VAST project is proud to present the commissioning of a performance in the frame of the world-renowned Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

The theatrical play named Antigone” by Sophocles, the ancient Greek author, was commissioned by partner FESTIVAL for the VAST project needs and was part of its Summer 2022 programme of events. The play was a modern version of the Ancient Greek Drama, adapted to an era in which Media play a decisive role in shaping public opinion.

The performance advocates the relationship between the polis (city) (and its citizens) and power, a timeless question posed by this tragedy. Focusing on the pivotal role of the media in shaping public opinion, the play is set inside a government-sponsored television studio, where all political debates and decisions take place in real time. The Chorus of Elders is re-imagined as a council of politicians representing various aspects of hegemonic discourse, watching, always live, the brutal conflict between secular and moral law.

The play was held in Greek with subtitles in both With English and Greek on the opening night for persons with hearing impairment.

After the performance, two more activities were realised:

After the premiere of the play, on July 5th, a discussion between the audience and the director  of the play, Alexander Raptotasios, and the actors took place on the set with Dionysis Kapsalis as the moderator discussion with the director of the play took place emphasizing on values and their transmission through time.


Additionally, VAST ran a survey, in Greek after the play for three days, in two formats (physically onsite with printed questionnaires and online) to gather data on the public’s opinions on values after they had seen the theatrical play. The questionnaire is available here in Greek: