VAST project has become a member of the Pop AI ecosystem, an H2020 project that kicked off in October 2021. The Pop AI – A European Positive Sum Approach towards AI tools in support of Law Enforcement and safeguarding privacy and fundamental rights aims at fostering trust in the application of AI and AI-enable mechanisms in the security domain, by increasing awareness, social engagement and gathering knowledge and expertise from multiple sectors.

In the context of the creation of a clustering ground and a communication network between EU related projects, VAST has been invited to attend the Pop AI ecosystem. VAST aims to bring (moral) values to the forefront in the field of advanced digitisation. The project focuses on citizen cultural experiences in order to study how the meaning of specific values has been expressed through different narratives. The project places emphasis in values considered fundamental for the formation of sustainable communities and enabling citizens to live well together, such as freedom, democracy, equality, tolerance, dialogue, human dignity, and the rule of law. In the discussion on an ethical use of AI in security, VAST can support popAI in gaining a more comprehensive view on the potential impact of digitalisation and similar technologies on social communities and citizens.