The VAST project technical partners have been working on a new functionality to be released in the new version of the annotation tool available through the VAST Platform.

This new release was a big challenge for the project team as it utilises the power of the image and explores the values that stems from it. On Wednesday 5 October 2022 an updated version of the platform was released which now has the added bonus of supporting image annotation for artifacts (in addition to the text annotation functionality).

Direct link to the newly developed image annotation functionality of the VAST platform:

The image annotation process is the same as the one in the text. Specifically, one can import both texts & images in the artifacts’ collections per pilot, using the same facilities of the tool for selecting a region and applying the keyword from the annotation scheme. The supported image files are: “JPEG”, “PNG”, “GIF”, “TIFF”, and “WEBP”.

Explore the VAST annotation platform and the features it provides by using the link: