In the context of the VAST project Pilot, which focuses on Ancient Greek Drama literature, the VAST Team was hosted at NOESIS Science Center and Technology Museum in Thessaloniki, Greece on 28 April 2023.

During the activity, Dr. Dora Katsamori collaborating researcher of coordinator NCSR Demokritos, encouraged the 44 students from the High School ‘Apostolos Pavlos’ to reflect on the concept of values and their role in decision-making, through brainstorming and interactive activities using exhibits from the NOESIS digital archive as a starting point.

Then, through an excerpt from ‘Antigone’ tragedy, the students annotated the text and created mind maps interlinking moral values between the past and the present.

With the creative collaboration of the High School Director and the students, the activity provided a fresh view of how ancient values emerging from this Greek Tragedy are perceived in modern society today.

We would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to both the NOESIS Museum and to the NOESIS Education Officer, Mrs. Maria Karnezou for their warm hospitality.