Partners NCSR Demokritos, Museo Galileo (IMSS) and University of Milano (UMIL) represented the VAST Project at the ExICE – Extended Intelligence for Cultural Engagement Conference that took place on the 15th March 2023 in Bologna, Italy.

During the interactive poster session of the event, partners’ representatives showcased three VAST posters, explaining the VAST objectives, the developed digital tools, and the way they can be used by stakeholders in the cultural heritage domain.

Additionally, during the main event, the VAST project coordinator G. Petasis presented the VAST project, focused on the conceptual findings produced during its implementation and participated in open dialogue with the audience.

A few words about the event
The ExICE- Extended Intelligence for Cultural Engagement Conference raising as a key question ‘How should we interact with cultural heritage?’, it appealed to academics and museum professionals working in disciplines involving the application of novel ICT to cultural heritage, museums data management infrastructures, arts professionals, and scholars interested in digitally-mediated Cultural Engagement and its impact upon curation, teaching and learning, and social cohesion and inclusion.