On the 21st and 22nd of September 2022, during the Kastelorizo Puzzle Festival, the VAST Project task force carried out, as announced, educational activities addressed to the island’s high school students.

During the first day at the local school, the VAST team motivated students to participate in brainstorming and discussing sessions and create mind maps regarding moral values.


The second day’s activities brought high school students in contact with values conveyed in Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone.” Additionally, students participated in a workshop organized by NGO Cinemathesis, where they had the opportunity to film a scene, adopting different roles with the assistance of the actress Fotini Baxevani.



The days after, VAST Team had the opportunity for a constructive discussion with mathematician Pantazis Houlis, the inspirer and generator of the Kastelorizo Puzzle Museum. Mr. Pantazis Houlis talked about his inducement regarding the museum, his background, as well as his view on values and moral culture. Finally, he brought out the very interesting issue of how people feel and act when they cannot manage to solve a puzzle.

Mr. Pantazis Houlis


Through its participation in the Kastelorizo Puzzle Festival, VAST Project contributes, among others, to the Greek celebration of European Heritage Days that were held between 23-15 September 2022.

More info about the Puzzle Festival and the program: https://kastellorizofestival.com/2022/ken/


Press release by the Puzzle Festival

The festival is organised by the Union of Ideas, Puzzles and Mathematics EN.I.G.MA