Partner, NOVA University of Lisbon is rolling out an online survey of the way that values are communicated and received in Folktales, one of the VAST pilots. This survey is the second VAST research survey and currently the NOVA researchers have launched a pre-test survey that aims to assess perceived morality and emotionality on a set of fairy tale excerpts. The participants will be university students and general public in Portugal and the survey will be conducted only in portuguese.

The survey will be accompanied by posters that will be put up in the NOVA campus and a communication campaign in social media has also been created.

VAST partner, Saso Zagoranski, SEMANTIKA organised eight webinars in which more than 180 curators participated from many museums in Slovenia and Croatia. The webinars were held from November to January and they were specifically targeted to museum curators as users of SEMANTIKA’s software.

SEMANTIKA develops its own Collections Management System (Galis CMS) used by over 70 organisations in three different countries. The webinars were addressed to the curators to showcase new capabilities and features, get feedback and interact with them.

SEMANTIKA, as VAST partner and in the context of the project’s commercialisation and exploitation strategy, examines ways to integrate some of the advanced project outcomes, like the annotation tool into its software. At this stage, SEMANTIKA presents the work conducted within the project to future users and determines whether these tools and actions could provide possible added value to the VAST project.