The VAST project was presented at the Conference on Information and Research Science Connecting to Digital and Library Science IRCDL 2023 -XIX which was held in Bari, Italy on 23-24 February 2023.   Dr. Martin Ruskov of partner UMIL  presented the paper “Grimm Hallucinations: Prompt Engineering with Midjourney to Illustrate Fairytales”.

A few words about the IRCDL 2023 Conference

The Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries (IRCDL) is a yearly date for researchers on Digital Libraries and related topics, organized by the Italian Research Community. IRCDL encompasses the many meanings of the term “digital libraries”, including new forms of information institutions; operational information systems with all manner of digital content; new means of selecting, collecting, organizing, and distributing digital content; and theoretical models of information media, including document genres and electronic publishing. For 2023 the conferences focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Web Technologies Empowering Digital Libraries.

On Wednesday 22 February 2023, project partner Museo Galileo organised a theatrical performance inspired by the 17th century scientific revolution texts, from the second pilot of the VAST project.

During the performance, the two exceptional “travelers” Galileo Galilei and Amerigo Vespucci, came alive and interacted with the audience in a lighter vibe while prompting viewers to reflect on the importance of their discoveries.

The activity was carried out in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Florence.

VAST was represented by Dr. Aristotelis Nikolaidis of partner Athens Epidaurus Festival in the online conference Reconnecting & Recovering: The Second LFA/AAS  on 16 February 2023. A paper was presented with the title:  The values of democracy and the politics of adaptation: remaking Sophocles’ Antigone in a contemporary political and media landscape.
The paper is based on the performance/case study of Antigone by Sophocles, which was commissioned for the VAST project, and the original research conducted at the Athens Epidaurus Festival in July 2022. It addresses a contemporary adaptation of Antigone, set in a television studio and a modern political context resembling a western parliamentary democracy. The paper examines the representation of key political values, such as democracy, equality, and the rule of law whilst also focusing on the adaptation of Antigone through a mixed methods approach that combines qualitative and quantitative research methods. It also reflects on adaptation as a shared discourse that involves both artists as value communicators and audiences as recipients of the communicated messages and final co-authors of meaning.
The presentation of Dr. Nikolaidis is available here: RR Presentation FINAL